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Mr.Turtle sat out for his long journey into the deep dark forest .
He was going to see the wise and wonderful Hootie owl.
Everyone knows that owls are full of knowlege
"My, how I hope hootie can help me with my problem," he said as he slowly strolled down the little lane .
He climbed the dangerous rocks and swam across the creeks to get to the forest.
He was forever getting his shiny shell dirty.
He did'nt know what to do ! How could he have a clean and shiny shell ?
Mr.Turtle had packed himself a nice lunch ,just in case he got hungry on the way .
Time passed very slow as he searched the countryside looking for the deep dark forest ,
Hootie owl lived.
The further he went the more tired he became .He decided to take a little rest beside the beautiful running stream.
He thought of how cool the water would be so he tipped his neck in to take a drink .
"Watch it buster !" a little goldfish said as she splashed him in the face .
"Well ,I do declair ! what is the matter with you ?" Mr.Turtle asked .
"You were about to eat me ! " The little fish cried .
"I hardly think so !"Mr. Turtle said as he wiped off his glasses .
"I have you know , that I was only getting a drink of water !"
"I would probably get indegestion if I ate you ,with your nasty attitude !" he replied .
"Besides , I don't like to eat fish . ."
"Well , I'm certainly glad to hear that !" the fish relplied.
""You are not a nice fish !" Mr.Turtle said.
"I'm sorry It's just that I get scared . I used to live in a nice home ,protected by a beautiful glass bowl ,
Then one day ,I was dumped out here to fend for myself."
"Well ,you didn't seem to have any problem fending me off !" Mr.Turtle replied.
"Oh ,but I do ! I get chased by bigger fish all the time . My day's are numbered." "Oh ......dear
what am I to do ?"
She was starting to cry .
"My goodness ,madam ,stop that horrible sniffling . You can come with me into the deep dark forest ."
"I'm going to see the wise and wonderful Hootie owl . Maybe he can tell you what to do ."
"You do need a name ,however . Mmm.... I know ,I'll call you Sally Goldfish .
"Oh ,Mr.Turtle,you are so kind ." Sally said as she flopped up and down in the water.
Mr.Turtle scooped her up and placed her a little tin can that was lying nearby. He filled it with water ,of course.He put Sally on his dirty dusty turtle shell and they started on their way.
Suddenly out of the blu ,they heard a large splash.! They turned to look ,
and there in the middle of a pond ,hanging onto the side of a lily pad ,was a green pokadot frog.
He crawled onto a lilypad and watched sadly as all the other lilypads floated by.
"Well , my fine chap ,,seems like your having a hard time there ." Mr. turtle said .
"I'm not doing to well , "the frog replied .
"I'm Mr. Turtle , and this is Sally gold fish . Were going to see the wise Hootie owl who lives in the deep dark forest . Why don't you come along ?Maybe he can help you to ."
"I don't have a name ."the frog said .
"I'll give you a good strong name . I will call you Freddie frog !" Mr.Turtle said.
So off they went ,Mr.Turtle,Sally goldfish ,and Freddie Frog . They traveled a long way . The sun started to set ,and it was getting too dark to see. " We must stop for the night and wait till morning ,"Mr.Turtle said.
Mr.Turtle shared his food with them ,then they all fell asleep ,under the stars.
Now the night has some very scarey noises of its own . The sounds of the branches blowing in the wind. The muffled sounds of animals lurking all around. The humming sound of locust filled the air. The chilling sound of the screech owl ,echoed in the trees. Suddenly Sally woke up . She was scared . The splashing in her can woke up Freddie and Mr.Turtle.
"I'm afraid !" she cried . "We'll be lost forever......the wild animals will eat us !"Sally cried.
"The wild birds will pick our bones , and a huge rattler will suck me down its throat ,crushing me in such an agonizing way !" Freddie said .
"Stop your outrageous sniffling ,you two! We didn't come this far for something bad to happen now.
Mr.Turtle calmed them down . Suddenly they heard a sound coming from a nearby tree.
"Whoo.....whoo....goes there in my forest ?" someone said .
"I told you , it's going to eat us !" Sally cried .
"Whoo....,me ? I don't think so ! Besides ,I've been up all night and I'm too tired !"
"We've come a long way ,to find Hootie owl , The wise and all knowing Owl of the forest !" Mr. Turtle said .
The Owl ,flew down and landed on a stump . His Feathers puffed out to display the proud fact , that they thought him wise . "What do you want from me ?" he asked .
"I can't seem to keep my shell clean ," Mr. Turtle said . "And I can't find a home !" sally said .
"Hmmmmm,Let me think ! Hootie ,put on his thinking cap and set out to find a solution.
"What is a thinking cap ?" frog asked .
"My boy , I'll tell you what a thinking cap is . It is when you think !"
"Oh ,yeh!" frog said .
"Mr. Turtle, go home and take a bath and use some turtle wax, Sally, go home with Mr.Turtle and sit in a nice fish bowl and sit on his desk . "As for frog ,there Try opening your eyes before you jump !"
"Thankyou Hootie, for the good advice . We'll start using a thinking cap too ." they all replied .
"Just remember one thing , it's a wise critter who puts on his thinking cap ,before asking for help .
And with those wise words ,Hootie flew off into the cave into the deep dark forest wher he lived.

end copyright1992engle


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January 2007

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