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My Pets

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I love my pets!

Greetings! I would like to tell you about my pets.

 I have two dogs and five cats. One dog (Naomi)is a brittney(Husbands hunting dog). She lives outside. Another dog is my little house dog and she lives inside. She likes to bark so much that off and on she loses her bark and sounds like a squeek toy,lol. Her name is Sophie.

 I have a cat named Missey Wiggles who is the mama of my black cat (Tinyboy man) The mama is simese (beautiful).

Another cat is the sister to Missey and her name is Babeegirl. She is Tonkanese. Her baby that we kept is Muffy Muffit, sometimes called Muffy Engle ,lol. I nursed Missey and Babee when two weeks old. Missey's ears would wiggle frantically as she drank from the tiny little bottle,thus explains her name.

 Missey and Muffy has had their full share of babies through the years. They all found good homes. I decided that it was time to get them fixed so we did. I also had Muffy and Tiny boy fixed. Muffy never had babies. We have adopted an outdoor kitty who is calico. She has hung around my house and lives in the garage. she recently had two babies in which one died and the othe lived only two days. I tried to keep it alive. She stll seems like she has babies in her tummy. I have to watch her carefully. She is a wild kitty who has let me pet her after so long...but scratches me sometimes when I try to walk away. Anyway I love all my pets and I spoil them rotton. They are my babies. I did have a beautiful white persian ,had her for nine years. She died in the Winter, about 4 years ago. I cried like a baby for days. Cats have feelings I believe and I know they can understand things. It is so hard to lose a pet. I hope all of you who own pets understand that God has given us these little critters as a friend and we are lucky to have them in our live's. So please be good to your little friend. You will be rewarded daily from her/him as she/he will love you and always be there for you. Just remember animals bring happiness and can give you alot of years of joy.

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